At some stage in our lives, many if not indeed most of us will purchase or drive a car. Most people – not all, but most – just want to know how to make it work: where to sit, how to steer, accelerate, brake and so on.

Yet at a certain point it can be useful, perhaps even necessary, to learn more. What is the optimal fuel for the car? How does the engine work? How do the brakes function?

And so it is with the brain… 

Each of us has a brain which is responsible for generating cognition, for generating mood, for generating behaviour. 

Yet so few of us actually take the time to understand even the basics of how it functions and how it could function more effectively. Learning more about the brain and how it functions under particular circumstances can be both enlightening and useful for achieving greater personal and professional success.


  • Examining key aspects of human behaviour relevant to business and management practice to understand not just the what but also the how and the why – and how it can be done differently
  • Building a bridge from over 30 years of neuroscience research to practical, everyday insights which will redefine the way organisations incorporate brain sciences into their culture, strategy and operations
  • Helping leaders at all levels within organisations enhance their effectiveness and the effectiveness of their teams in a measurable and reportable way
  • Supporting leaders and teams to generate new capabilities and ideas of significant commercial, practical and tangible value